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Material World

Changing States
Use your knowledge of
the states of matter (solids, liquids and
gases) to play this game.
Lift Off With Ziggy
Classify materials, learn about our
solar system and help Ziggy
fly his spaceship in this
interactive activity.

Behaviour of Matter
An interactive science video
about the characteristics of
matter, featuring solids, liquids
and gases.
Then take a quiz about your

Level One and Two
Properties of materials
• Observe and describe properties of
familiar materials and group
materials in different ways,
based on their properties.
Chemical reactions
• Observe and describe temporary
(physical) and permanent
(chemical) changes to
familiar materials.

States of Matter

Everything on Earth, everything in our
solar system, everything in our galaxy, and everything in the universe is made up of
Matter is the name that scientists have
given to everything you can touch, or see, or feel, or smell.

Physical World

Magnets and Springs
Learn about magnets and springs
in this interactive activity from the BBC

Another magnets interactive
activity from the BBC. This one
could be quite tricky but you
will learn a lot.
Can you stop the thief?

Level One and Two
Physical enquiry
• Extend their experiences of
physical phenomena, such as
movement, forces, electricity and
magnetism, light, sound, and
• Seek and represent patterns
in physical phenomena.

Planet Earth and Beyond

Go on a scavenger hunt for
objects in our universe and read
facts about them.
From I Was Wondering

Level One and Two
Earth cycles
• Observe and describe local natural
features and how they can
Astronomical cycles
• Share ideas and observations about the
Sun and the Moon and
their physical effects on Earth.
Interacting cycles
• Describe how natural events and human
actions can affect the local

The Living World

Gorilla Quest
Journey into the jungles
of Rwanda to find a gorilla family.
Along the way find clues to help you
but watch out for obstacles in the
From I Was Wondering

Level One and Two
Life processes
• Recognise that all living things have
certain requirements so they
can stay alive.
• Recognise that living things are
suited to their particular habitat.
• Recognise that there are lots of
different living things in the world
and that they can be grouped in
different ways.
• Explain how we know that some
livingthings from the past are now