Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies have four stages to their life cycle egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and butterfly. The change process is called metamorphosis. Learn more about the Monarch Butterfly life cycle from the following links. You could present your new learning creatively as a home learning challenge.
Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Watch
Video footage with explanation of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.
There is also video of a grasshopper shedding its skin.
Te Ara - Butterflies and Moths in New Zealand
Learnthe differences between butterflies and moths and the species that
live in New Zealand
This video was created using time-lapse photography following the life
of a Monarch Caterpillar to a Butterfly.

Time-lapse of Monarch Butterfly being born.


Monarch Butterfly facts from Nature Mapping.
This link takes you to some children's learning about
Monarch Butterflies

Science Learning New Zealand - Monarch Butterflies
Learn about monarch butterflies in New Zealand.
This site also has lots of other interesting science information.
Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly by browsing through this book.
The book is an explanation of a butterfly life cycle.

The entire life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
using time-lapse photography.
For the Chicago Nature Museum
Learn about the Monarch Butterfly migration to and from Mexico and
the United States and Canada.
This web site has lots of other information too.
Enchanted Learning - Butterflies
Enchanted Learning - Monarch Butterflies