Māori Interactives

Try out these Māori interactives in both English and Māori languages.

Let's make a hangi

Make aicon-hangi.gif hangi by choosing the correct type and quantity of wood and rocks, and stacking the fire and food in the right order. Put down the hangi and watch it cook until it's ready to eat


Matariki is the Māori New Year, so try out this interactive to learn more about how the Matariki star constellation relates to science.

Te wānanga o ngā manu

The pūkeko, weka anicon-wananga.gifd fantail made movements that were used by the Māori warriors of old. Try out this interactive to find out about these bird movements.


icon-wharenui.gifLearn about the different parts of the meeting house from the three activities: the wharenui, tukutuku panels, and kōwhaiwhai panels. (Select the English tab for this activity.)

Ngā mihi Greetings

moe1066_greetings_blue.gifCheck out this interactive quiz about greetings in te reo Māori. Listen to and read each sentence, and match the Māori phrase with its English meaning.

Hooked on te reo Māori


Learning intentions

In this topic you are learning to:
  • greet others in Māori by asking and answering the question “Who and where are you from?”
  • introduce yourself by using Māori phrases to identify who you and others are
  • say the days of the week and months of the year in Māori by creating a flip chart
  • identify the Māori names of different parts of your body
  • say the Māori names for nine colours
  • learn and sing 3 new Māori songs.