Helping the Humanoid

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The First Message

I am a Humanoid that is investigating
Earth for my alien masters.
They have seen many pictures of New
Zealand's famous people, food,
buildings and kiwiana. They want
to understand more about them.
Please research and find out information
for me so I can go home. I will be
able to tune in to your classroom to
watch and listen to what you are
doing. Please hurry, I want to go home."
We were unsure what humanoid and
kiwiana meant so we looked in
dictionaries and on the internet.
Then we decided on our action plan.
We would need to find out more about
New Zealand's famous people, food,
buildings and kiwiana so that we
could help the humanoid. Because it
could 'tune in' to our class we could
share our learning with others and
the humanoid would be able to share