We can help protect our sea creatures and their environment by doing some simple things to keep our local streams clean and the stormwater drains free of pollution. Can you help?
This website has some cool kids games but
you can also find important
about how we can keep our streams clean.

Welcome to Up the Creek!
Join Dion, Rick, and Ani on a trip up the creek to
learn how fresh water supports life.

Polluted Runoff
Can you find the places in the picture
where people are damaging the water in
their environment and the sea. Click the
spot and you will learn more
about how you can help.
USA Environmental Protection Agency

**National Waterways Pollution Detective**
Is your stream sad, sick and sludgy or sparkling clean and full of life?
We would like to know - and we hope you do too.
In fact, we have got plans to find out what state our streams are in -
right throughout New Zealand - and we need your help!
Are we as clean and green as we like to think?
If you become a National Waterways Pollution Detective
you will be able help us to find out.
Pollution Detective Multimedia Game

Become an Aquatic Crusader
There are seven science experiments for you to try
that will teach you the characteristics of water.
When you complete all seven of the Aquatic
Crusader tasks, consider yourself one of
Darby's Crusaders too!
USA Environmental Protection Agency
Once Upon a Tide

A short film that tells the story a young girl who learns how to
break a spell that has been cast that has caused everyone
to forget about the importance of the ocean.