Bang on Time.png
Bang on Time
Read the time and stop the clock when the hands are in the correct position.

Help Max and Molly fix the
tower clocks by telling the time.
Three different levels.

Missing Hands
The hands are missing from the
alarm clock.
Click and drag the pair of hands that
match the time show under the clock.
Beat the Clock
Match an analogue clock (has hands)
with a digital time (has numbers)

Stop the Clock.png
Stop the Clock
Drag the digital times to the correct
analogue time and stop the clock.
How fast are you?

Marty's Digital Clock
Drag the alarm clocks that match each digital clock and make the alarms ring
Giraffe Tug Team
Click the correct answer to power
your giraffe. The quicker you answer
the quicker your giraffe will tug.

Giraffe Race
Practice Time conversions to
power your giraffe and win the race.
Create a game with other players or the
computer. There are 1 giraffes in the

Train Times
Click on the correct train
to get Marty to her destination
at the right time
Hickory Dickory Clock.png
Hickory Dickory Clock
Match the clock face with the time words
correctly and the mouse will eat some

Time Travel.png
Time Travel
Choose your level and type of clock.

Here are some interactives that you can use to help support your child in learning to tell the time.
Tell Time Big Clock.png
Tell Time - Big Clock