Memory Activities

Everyday you use your working memory in your learning.
~ When you are adding two 2-digit numbers, e.g. 26 + 32 = ?, you need to hold the two numbers (26 and 32) in your working memory, then the sum of the tens (50) and the ones (8) and finally add both together - your memory needs to work hard.
~ When trying to decode (work out) an unfamiliar word in your reading, you need to remember decoding strategies, the sounds letters and chunks make, see and remember small words inside the larger word and then put all the clues together to help you decide what the word might be.
These activities are fun and activiate your working memory.

Shape Match




Musical Memory Turtle


Number Sequence


Balls and Boxes


Colour Match




Place Value Memory


Play memory games with your family

Play memory match with a pack of playing cards.
Get a tray and some small objects, place some of them on a tray and cover. Can you remember what was there?
Repeat clapping and body persussion patterns.
Play the add on game e.g. I went to the store and bought a blue lolly, the next person repeats this statement and adds another item that they bought. Continue until someone forgets the list.
Facts to 10 - Memory and Flashcards – The purpose of this activity is to help your child to develop instant knowledge of basic addition and subtraction facts from 6 to 10.
Memory Doubles – The purpose of this activity is to help your child to instantly recall doubles facts to 10+10. For example, 4+4=8, 9+9=18, 2+2=4.